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27th-Jun-2017 03:23 pm - This Week in Fandom, Volume 54
Janita OTW Communications Co-Chair
This Week in Fandom

This Week in Fandom: Harry Potter's 20th anniversary, a legal victory for fair use, an academic survey on fanfiction, and more: https://goo.gl/92BZZt
26th-Jun-2017 02:46 pm - AO3 Celebrates 25,000 Fandoms!
Janita OTW Communications Co-Chair
partial screenshot of AO3 homepage showing 25000 fandoms with the AO3 logo above the text

AO3 has reached 25,000 fandoms! To celebrate, we've put together info about fandom tags and how all tags work: https://goo.gl/W4wPxH
Janita OTW Communications Co-Chair
OTW contested election banner

Don't forget that if you want to vote in the 2017 OTW Election, you have to become a member by June 30. Join today! https://goo.gl/yUZHvQ
Janita OTW Communications Co-Chair
OTW contested election banner

The OTW is pleased to announce the candidates for the 2017 Election. Learn more about them and the election process here: https://goo.gl/1Fshoz
Claudia OTW Communications Staffer
Banner by Alice of a book/eReader with an OTW bookmark and a USB plug going into the spine

“The coalescence of femslash as a metafandom unto itself may have paradoxically contributed to a bird's-eye view of its marginality. As we might glean from the primacy of slash as the unmarked term (denoting same-sex couples in general and male-male couples in particular), F/F remains underrepresented not only in scholarly research but also arguably in fandom overall (compared to M/M and also to het [heterosexual] and gen [nonsexual] fiction and art).

Femslash fans often frame their experience in this way, as was the case at the "Where's the F/F?" panel at the May 2015 WisCon feminist science fiction convention in Madison, Wisconsin. The conversation took as a jumping-off point detailed statistics, compiled by destinationtoast, on fan fiction posted at Archive of Our Own.”

TWC issue No 24 on femslash fandom is out! Read about Grey's Anatomy Wynonna Earp, The 100, Orphan Black, Once Upon a Time, Kpop, Jpop & more! https://goo.gl/n59EMJ
14th-Jun-2017 10:50 am - The OTW is Recruiting!
Janita OTW Communications Co-Chair
OTW Recruitment Banner by Erin

The OTW is recruiting! We're looking for:

Finance Staff
Support Staff
Development & Membership Staff
Graphics Makers
Translators for Arabic, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Hungarian, Indonesian, Norwegian, and Polish.

Please signal boost & apply today!
13th-Jun-2017 02:05 pm - This Week in Fandom, Volume 53
Janita OTW Communications Co-Chair
This Week in Fandom

This Week in Fandom: VividCon wrapping up, the definition of fanfiction, Super Junior controversy, and more: https://goo.gl/XWo0wv
11th-Jun-2017 12:12 pm - Five Things Ely Said
Sarah Loch OTW Communications Staffer
Five Things an OTW Volunteer Said
In Five Things Ely discusses Harry Potter fandom as well as what she least likes to translate as an OTW volunteer https://goo.gl/pdY7aP
8th-Jun-2017 10:17 am - May 2017 Newsletter, Volume 113
Janita OTW Communications Co-Chair
Banner by caitie of a newspaper with the name and logos of the OTW and its projects on the pages

In the OTW May newsletter: Public talks, AO3 updates, a new Treasurer, Legal Advocacy, and more. https://goo.gl/mZYYJ5
6th-Jun-2017 01:07 pm - This Week in Fandom, Volume 52
Janita OTW Communications Co-Chair
This Week in Fandom banner by James Baxter

This Week in Fandom: It's all about Wonder Woman! Plus, the end of Delicious, history of fandom wank, and more! https://goo.gl/G4g10P
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