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Janita OTW Communications Staffer
OTW Fannews Banner Women's Experiences in Fandom

Comic Book Resources reported on a NYCC panel about female fandom in which Kelly Sue DeConnick said, "'I think that there's an important thing to remember too, that what you're seeing now, the influx of female readership and female creators is not a revolution, it's a restoration...Back in the '30s and '40s there was a girls' magazine that had a distribution of 300,000 copies per month and it was comics... [In the decades since] women were discouraged, dissuaded, made unwelcome, and now for a plethora of reasons, women are returning...There are enough comics for everyone...Say it with me now: equality is not a loss.'"

PWP is a lie, part of a larger plot along with Mary Sues to make sure that women have a voice in fandom.
17th-Nov-2014 10:59 am - OTW Fannews: What's a Fanwork?
Janita OTW Communications Staffer
OTW Fannews Banner What's a Fanwork

Plays about fanfic , Rule 63 homages, tropes gone global & debates on who fits in what box—it’s still all fanwork to us:
15th-Nov-2014 10:19 am - OTW Fannews: Social Media for Fans
Kiri OTW Communications Co-Chair
"[T]he CW is trying just about everything in social media. Interestingly, once its fans tell the network which platform they want to use to interact with their favorite shows, the network leans in hard. 'We attack all the social media,' said Rick Haskins, the CW’s executive vice president of marketing and digital programs. 'Very, very quickly, the consumer says ‘this is the social platform we like [this particular show] on.’ When we see upticks, that’s when we move in quickly.'"

Fandoms all embrace social media these days--or do they? Plus how much commentary do you want on your reading material?
13th-Nov-2014 10:49 am - OTW Fannews: Fitting in Fanworks
Janita OTW Communications Staffer
OTW Fannews Banner Fitting in Fanworks

From school projects to creative cosplay & crowdsourced fanfilms, fans can fit in fanworks anywhere:
11th-Nov-2014 10:49 am - OTW Fannews: Fandom is Sharing
Janita OTW Communications Staffer
OTW Fannews Banner Fandom is Sharing

At Business of Fashion, Madelin Newman wrote about the rise of fashion fandom. "Jennifer Post, a Black Milk fan from California, has attended every SharkieCon since its inception and said it was unlike anything she had ever seen. 'With what other fashion brand do you have fans of the brand getting together to share in the joy of it all?' she said. 'Sharing styling tips, taking selfies, meeting people in person that you have chatted with online for hours at a time.' The depth of brand advocacy for Black Milk can be felt in the way community members create their own art, songs and photography for the label. One Sharkie even creates her own designs that she sells in a Facebook group called ‘For the love of nylon’ using old Black Milk pieces."

Sharing fandom happens at cons, in book groups, through corporate voices, and can even lead to marriage.
9th-Nov-2014 11:23 am - OTW Fannews: IP From New to Old
Claudia OTW Communications Co-Chair

A post at JD Supra focused on the way fair use is being seen in U.S. courts following a decision in Fox News Network, LLC v. TVEyes, Inc. "More broadly, decisions like TVEyes suggest that courts are moving away from viewing fair use as a narrowly-drawn exception to copyright holders’ exclusive rights in their works, to the view that fair use promotes the creation of transformative works and thus serves one of the goals of copyright law itself. The TVEyes opinion, which essentially presumed transformativeness of the work at the outset of the fair use analysis, suggests that the trend toward this broader view of the role of fair use continues to gain traction in the federal courts."

OTW's position is that fanworks have fair use on their side & the history of copyright shows it wasn't designed for creators.
6th-Nov-2014 01:15 pm - The Case Against Licensing Fanworks
Kiri OTW Communications Co-Chair
lBanner by Erin of a spotlight on an OTW logo with the words 'Spotlight on Legal Issues'

"One common trope, lately, has been to suggest that fanwork creators can, or should, obtain licenses before creating fanworks. After all, the argument goes, many authors and other media creators now recognize the positive value of fanworks, and would be delighted to give permission for fans to make fanworks. So why not have more licensing regimes for fanworks, where copyright holders give fans permission to make fanworks, probably in exchange for a fee or a share of the fan’s proceeds if they want to commercialize their fanworks?

Here’s why not — licensing is neither legally necessary nor is it favorable to fans or fan culture for a number of reasons."
5th-Nov-2014 11:08 am - October 2014 Newsletter, Volume 85
Claudia OTW Communications Co-Chair
Banner by caitie of a newspaper with the name and logos of the OTW and its projects on the pages.

October saw a record breaking membership drive & we introduced new directors, but Legal still needs help from fan video makers:

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Janita OTW Communications Staffer
OTW 2014 Elections Banner

Transcripts available for chats with 2014 OTW Board candidates Soledad Griffin, Jessica Steiner & Margaret MacRae:
Claudia OTW Communications Co-Chair
Banner by Erin of a spotlight on an OTW logo with the words 'Spotlight on Legal Issues'

OTW Legal & EFF filed petitions to maintain & extend the right of fan video makers to break encryption on source materials.
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