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11th-Sep-2016 09:24 am - Five Things Alison Watson Said
Claudia OTW Communications Staffer
Five Things an OTW Volunteer Said

In Five Things Alison Watson lets us know what it’s like to work for OTW’s Open Doors project & why she volunteered. http://goo.gl/GMZV57

Plus don’t forget our Open Doors chat on the 18th!
Kiri OTW Communications Co-Chair

X-Files fans rejoice—The Basement, ScullySlash, and the Spooky Awards are coming to AO3. Read on if you've contributed: http://goo.gl/zt8lG2

7th-Sep-2016 11:19 am - August 2016 Newsletter, Volume 105
Janita OTW Communications Co-Chair
Banner by caitie of a newspaper with the name and logos of the OTW and its projects on the pages

In our August newseltter: The OTW prepares for elections, a new Financial Committee is born, and our powerful techies work their magic: http://goo.gl/yI0hAu
5th-Sep-2016 10:59 am - Today is OTW's 9th Anniversary
Claudia OTW Communications Staffer

The OTW turns 9 today! We'll celebrate our Open Doors project this month with a live chat on September 18th (and more!) Come join our birthday party http://goo.gl/Ee1Nhn
1st-Sep-2016 11:26 am - Sinful Desire is Coming to the AO3
Kiri OTW Communications Co-Chair

Sinful Desires banner featuring Sam and Dean Winchester from "Supernatural"

Sinful Desire, a Wincest and J2 Supernatural archive, is being imported to AO3! Read on if your work is posted there: http://goo.gl/Tg04Wr

Janita OTW Communications Co-Chair
Banner by Erin of a close-up of Rosie the Riveter"s arm with an OTW logo on it and the words "OTW Recruitment"

Interested in volunteering for the OTW? We're recruiting for Communications, Strategic Planning, and Volunteers & Recruitment! http://goo.gl/T5p4XN
30th-Aug-2016 12:15 pm - This Week in Fandom, Volume 23
Janita OTW Communications Co-Chair
Banner by James Baxter with a calendar icon and the text This Week in Fandom on a white background

This Week in Fandom: Two fanstudies surveys, Flame Con 2 reflections, and Sports RPF: http://goo.gl/22uQK2
25th-Aug-2016 10:42 am - Malory Beazley Guest Post
Claudia OTW Communications Staffer
Banner by caitie of an OTW-themed guest access lanyard

"I’ve been most inspired by the compassion and generosity of fan creators. I’ve read incredible fics that have shifted my view on what makes great storytelling and inspired me to be a better writer. I’ve seen fan art that has moved me on a profound level and ignited my creative spark. I’ve watched fan films and theatrical productions that remind me that joy is the best motivator, not “shoulds” or “oughts.” "

Malory Beazley discusses FAN/FIC Magazine plans, her fanfic trilogy, and the tag whose growth she’s followed at AO3: http://goo.gl/nMaFff
23rd-Aug-2016 10:46 am - This Week in Fandom, Volume 22
Kiri OTW Communications Co-Chair

This Week in Fandom, we want to know who's reading The Fifth Season & when you first saw the word 'shipping' http://goo.gl/LGDqOq
19th-Aug-2016 08:43 am - OTW Elections 2016: Are You Ready?
Janita OTW Communications Co-Chair
OTW Elections 2016: are you ready? Monthly calendar for 2016 with the 23rd day marked.

Become an OTW member by August 23 to vote in the upcoming Board of Directors election! http://goo.gl/uVhWQP
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