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Ahhhh, fluff: Comfort food for the fannish soul.

Fluffy gifs, fan art, ficlets, podcasts: they’re an emotionally uplifting treat - especially at the end of a long day or week, when you’d like for one darn thing to be nice and simple and happy for a blessed minute.

Do you consume fluff? Create it? Reblog, share and kudos it? If so, tell us about your favorite works of fluff - your works, those of your favorite fluff specialists, or maybe a fandom-specific piece of fluff that really made your day recently.

Every month the OTW celebrates Fandom First Friday and invites you share the love!

It's always a good time for fluff!


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2nd-Jul-2015 11:18 am - OTW Joins Fanworks Are Fair Use
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Banner by Erin of a spotlight on an OTW logo with the words "Spotlight on Legal Issues"

The OTW joins HPA in #FanworksAreFairUse – let your fellow fans know that fair use is a lawful use of copyright http://bit.ly/1KvkmKv
1st-Jul-2015 09:39 am - July Events Calendar
Jennifer OTW Communications Staffer
Banner by caitie of curtains opening to show a stage with the words OTW Events Calendar
Het also gets to bang; San Diego Comic-Con is here again with an OTW Legal appearance; Florida hosts a QUILTBAG convention; and a digital comics call for papers is issued. That and more going on in this month’s Events Calendar!
30th-Jun-2015 11:18 am - OTW Fannews: Fitting Tributes
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Banner by Soy Alex of three trophy cups with the title "OTW Fannews: Fitting Tributes"

OTW’s Rebecca Tushnet will be honored with an IP3 award, plus copyright developments in Europe & fandom inspiration http://bit.ly/1LAmXlT
29th-Jun-2015 06:42 pm - Things to Come at TWC
Kiri OTW Communications Co-Chair
Banner by Alice of a book/eReader with an OTW bookmark and a USB plug going into the spine.
TWC's 20th issue's is coming in September, let us know how we should celebrate + tell us about Sherlock or femslash!
28th-Jun-2015 01:02 pm - OTW Fannews: Building on the Past
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Building on the past text with hourglass image

From sceneframes to RPGs to fanzines, fandom has its ways of building on canons & keeping them going. http://bit.ly/1dqKDLB
26th-Jun-2015 11:18 am - SDCC 'Fandom Is My Fandom' Panel
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Banner by Diane with the outlines of a man and woman speaking with word bubbles, one of which has the OTW logo and the other which says "OTW Announcement"

OTW Legal's Betsy Rosenblatt and Heidi Tandy will be part of the "Fandom is my Fandom" panel at SDCC this July! http://bit.ly/1SQo56R
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Banner by Ania of a manila file folder with the words "OTW Report"

OTW's annual report for 2014 is now available! It covers activities & financial statements for the calendar year: http://bit.ly/1CwnihW
23rd-Jun-2015 10:02 am - OTW Fannews: Who's Fandoming Now?
Ellorgast, OTW Communications Staffer
Several people are silhouetted against a sky fading after sunset, posing as though dancing.  Text in front of them reads "OTW Fannews: Who"s Fandoming Now?"

Fewer people need fandom or fanworks explained to them these days, and neither is profiting from it new. http://bit.ly/1QO5tGW
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This weekend, while researching a new show that I’ve fallen for (Sense8 – don’t get me started...) I was inspired to check back on a couple of web sites I used to visit all the time. They were for a show long over, whose fans have almost entirely moved on.

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