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Kiri OTW Communications Co-Chair

Banner by Erin of a spotlight on an OTW logo with the words "Spotlight on Strategic Planning"

The 2016–2019 OTW Strategic Plan has been approved! Find out how we'll be making the OTW stronger.

2nd-Nov-2015 11:07 am - OTW Fannews: Life and Times
Claudia OTW Communications Staffer
Banner by Tea of footsteps and stars leading across a blue background with the words "OTW Fannews Life and Times"

The BBC reported on a special scene filmed for a Syrian fan who became a refugee. "Noujain Mustaffa is a disabled 16-year-old Syrian migrant...[who]...told journalists she had learnt English by watching the US soap opera, Days of Our Lives," though she missed her favorite character who had been killed. Comedian John Oliver arranged for a spoof scene in which Noujain's favourite character returned from the dead and gave her a shoutout by name.

Learning languages, leaving a legacy & being shoulder to shoulder with many groups — that’s ‪‎fandom‬ http://bit.ly/1WtW1X1
1st-Nov-2015 03:20 pm - November Event Calendar
Kiri OTW Communications Co-Chair

Banner by caitie of curtains opening to show a stage with the words OTW Events Calendar

Wizard World, famous for running huge conventions across North America, has two cons this month. The Louisville con is being held from 6–8 November, and features Stephen Amell, Ben McKenzie, Bruce Campbell. Reno Wizard Con runs from 20 November to the 22nd (Fri-Sat-Sun) and features geek celebs like Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes, Adam West and Burt Ward, and Adventure Time's Jeremy Shada! Find out more in the November Event Calendar rollup.
Janita OTW Communications Co-Chair
Banner by Erin of a spotlight on an OTW logo with the words "Spotlight on Legal Issues"

OTW Legal has helped secure a renewal and expansion of DMCA fair use exemptions! \o/ Read more here: http://bit.ly/1ii1EKf
27th-Oct-2015 05:08 pm - OTW Fannews: Fandom Fixing Fails
Pip OTW Communications Staffer
Black and white band aid with text saying fandom fixing fails
Racebending fanart is one way for fandom to fix fails, but there's always more to do. http://bit.ly/1jODdpv
25th-Oct-2015 10:44 am - OTW Fannews: Big Business Selfies
Janita OTW Communications Co-Chair
OTW Fannews banner with the text Big Business Selfies against a background of stacked silver coins

Cons & fandom tourism are becoming an economic shot in the arm of lots of places, and fanworks aren't far behind: http://bit.ly/1kFi8hq
Pip OTW Communications Staffer
A TV on a red striped background with the words OTW Fannews
Fans come & go but they’re not forgotten as their passions are preserved in memorials or the next generation. http://bit.ly/1PGNBLP
20th-Oct-2015 10:50 am - OTW Fannews: Relating to Canon
Janita OTW Communications Co-Chair
OTW Fannews banner by Sidhrat with the words Relating to Canon across a background photo of the tip of an iceberg

Fanfic reading events are spreading, but that doesn’t make every fanwork out there fanfiction: http://bit.ly/1MSgO5H
Kiri OTW Communications Co-Chair
Banner by Erin of a close-up of Rosie the Riveter"s arm with an OTW logo on it and the words "OTW Recruitment"
The OTW is recruiting for Tag Wrangling, Communications, and Internationalization & Outreach. Click if you're interested, otherwise help spread the word!
18th-Oct-2015 10:53 am - OTW Fannews: Generation Pride
Janita OTW Communications Co-Chair
Banner by Rachel of a generic newspaper with the OTW logo and the words "OTW Fannews"

Generation Boomer, X, Y? Meet Generation Pride, where being a fangirl's nothing to apologize for & deserves credit: http://bit.ly/1NiVowQ
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