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9th-Oct-2016 11:58 am - Five Things James Baxter Said
Claudia OTW Communications Staffer
Five Things an OTW Volunteer Said

In our five questions, Webs co-chair James Baxter discusses changes to our website & how OTW's their favorite fannish project. Come ask one more! https://goo.gl/MTaYqK
Janita OTW Communications Co-Chair
Banner by caitie of a newspaper with the name and logos of the OTW and its projects on the pages

Elections results, anniversary celebrations & a whole host of upgrades, improvements and streamlining at the AO3: https://goo.gl/304CHI
Janita OTW Communications Co-Chair
The Quidditch Pitch

The Quidditch Pitch (TQP), an all-pairing, all-era Harry Potter archive, is being imported to AO3! https://goo.gl/G8Vmhn
1st-Oct-2016 12:24 pm - Guest Post: Sara Austin
Claudia OTW Communications Staffer
Banner by caitie of an OTW-themed guest access lanyard

“I came across the TWC special issue on fan activism and ended up teaching one of the essays in my freshman writing class. While writing this essay I used resources from TWC in my research, so it seemed like the natural place to send the finished essay. Not only did the journal seem like a good fit, but I also really like that the journal is open access so that anyone can read it and that the journal uses web links and images in the articles to help connect them to the fandoms they discuss.

TWC is one of the few, or perhaps the only journal that has such a supportive relationship with fandoms.“

Check out our Q&A with Sara Austin about her article in Transformative Works and Cultures studying queer identity in Monster High doll fandom https://goo.gl/FJPVX5
Janita OTW Communications Co-Chair
Site banner from Turkfanfiction.net

Turkfanfiction.net, a Turkish-language multi-fandom fanfiction and original fiction archive, is coming to AO3! https://goo.gl/CSppHp
Janita OTW Communications Co-Chair
Banner by Erin of a close-up of Rosie the Riveter"s arm with an OTW logo on it and the words OTW Recruitment

The OTW is Recruiting for Media Outreach Liaisons and Translators. We're especially looking for people fluent in Arabic, Croatian, Greek, Hindi, Japanese, Kiswahili, Latvian, Norwegian, Brazilian Portuguese, Slovenian, Turkish, Vietnamese or Welsh: https://goo.gl/otRccV
27th-Sep-2016 01:06 pm - 2016 Election Results
Janita OTW Communications Co-Chair
OTW election news: make your voice heard

Results of the OTW 2016 election are now available, along with a message to members: https://goo.gl/zBkOtd
27th-Sep-2016 12:40 pm - This Week in Fandom, Volume 26
Janita OTW Communications Co-Chair
Banner by James Baxter with a calendar icon and the text This Week in Fandom on a white background

This Week in Fandom: #ThreeFictionalCharacters, AfterEllen mourning, and solo fandom adventures: https://goo.gl/LqE8a8
24th-Sep-2016 11:35 am - OTW Finance: 2016 Budget Update
Claudia OTW Communications Staffer

OTW's Finance Committee provides an update on our 2016 budget, and schedules a chat for October 2 to answer your questions: https://goo.gl/iDUipZ
20th-Sep-2016 10:11 am - This Week in Fandom, Volume 25
Kiri OTW Communications Co-Chair
banner by catie of a person half in cosplay
This week in fandom, we're talking about representation in Overwatch, the women who love Star Trek, and Leslie Jones's contagious joy! https://goo.gl/OT1XOf
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