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Off-LJ fannish communities survey

Thanks for all your comments and suggestions in our earlier post. We've been following the discussion threads and bringing them into our own conversations this week. We're also in the process of pulling together some answers and clarifications to a number of questions that were brought to our attention, and we'll be putting up a post next week that includes them. (Apologies for not getting it up earlier than that; between Thanksgiving and Columbus Day, this weekend is a long holiday weekend for many Canadian and American fans, so we want to take that into account.) But we do want to let you know that we are working on getting those clarifications for you.

In the meantime, one of the primary concerns the Community Relations committee has (as do many of you) is reaching across fannish spaces to keep all fans informed about the progress the project is making and being able to answer your questions and concerns as they come up. We recognize that while a portion of fandom is located on LiveJournal and its various clones, not all fans can be found on these sites. Because of this, we want to set up a network of communication sources that would allow us to provide information and seek suggestions in a variety of easily accessible formats.

We've set up an off-LJ survey to give us a bit more context as to how fans are congregating online. Please feel free to post links to this survey on any fannish sites you frequent; we've used a free survey site in order to allow anyone to participate, whether or not they have an LJ account. The more information we have the better. And if you've any other suggestions or comments on this matter, we'd love to hear them...you can leave comments here or in the survey itself.

Off-LJ fannish communities survey

Thank you in advance for your assistance!
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