burdened with glorious purpose (femmequixotic) wrote in otw_news,
burdened with glorious purpose

Clarifications and answers

We've gone through the discussions in the earlier post and gotten some clarifications for you all in regards to some specific concerns, as well as tried to explain a few items that we felt were not as clear as they could be. We appreciate the discourse that went on in the comments; a great deal of it fueled our own conversations recently.

Also, please remember to fill out our off-LJ fannish communities survey, if you can! We've gotten some great pointers so far in it, and we're very grateful for your help.

Regarding organization and archive namesCollapse )

Regarding RPFCollapse )

Regarding terminologyCollapse )

Regarding financialsCollapse )

Regarding timelinesCollapse )

Regarding archive features/softwareCollapse )

Regarding ToS/ToUCollapse )

Regarding fannish identities, board members, legal committee members and self-identification as fansCollapse )

(1) Changed wording per this suggestion.
(2) Deleted phrase for clarity per this suggestion.
(3) Changed years for accuracy per this thread.
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