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Volunteer Search: Tutorial Makers

Job Title: ADT-002 Tutorial Makers

Reports To: Accessibility, Design, & Technology committee.

Job Description: We are looking for people to put together a "getting started" tutorial that will help new volunteers get up and running with the full set of tools needed to work on the open-source archive code. We need one guide each for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X (10.3 or above), and Linux. Ideally we would have one person write an HTML guide and one person create a screencast guide.

Skills Required: Comfortable with reading tutorials and installing a pile of software, working around the annoying gaps tutorials often leave, and filling in those gaps for others! Also, you should either be able to write basic HTML (just up to stuff like numbered/bulleted lists), and/or create a screencast. You do NOT need to be a coder yourself, just good at figuring out how to get the stuff installed and doing what the installation guide says it's supposed to, but you should be pretty advanced at that.

The software includes:

Windows: InstantRails (~400 MB), TortoiseSVN

Mac: Locomotive, a Subversion client

Linux: RubyStack, Rails (may be part of RubyStack?), a Subversion client

In each case you will also need to work out how to use the Subversion client to check out and check in code from our Google Code repository.

Estimated Time Commitment/Length of Commitment: We would like to have guides postable by mid-November.

Application Process: Send an email to volunteers@transformativeworks.org or post a comment here. All comments on this post are screened in order to protect the privacy of volunteers providing personal information.

Please include the following information:
Your name (fannish is fine):

Your email address:

Relevant experience and credentials (fannish and/or real life):

Please put "ADT-002 Tutorial Makers" in the subject line of your email or LJ comment!

Deadline for Application: Closed

All applicants will receive an email confirming their application has been received within 24 hours of close of deadline for this job. If you do not receive an email, please contact us.

Anyone can contact the Volunteers & Recruiting committee at any time by commenting on this post (all comments are screened) or sending an email to volunteers@transformativeworks.org

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