francescacoppa (francescacoppa) wrote in otw_news,

Fanfiction Writers! Want To Be Interviewed for Time?

Lev Grossman of Time Magazine (himself a novelist whose most recent novel has been compared both to Harry Potter and the Chronicles of Narnia) has been working on a feature story for Time about the cultural and legal issues surrounding fanfiction. Members of the OTW's Communications and Legal staff have already talked with him, but now he'd like to talk to some fanfiction writers directly. So we've set up a LiveJournal community for the purpose: lg_interview.

If you write fanfiction and would be interested in talking about it (using either your pseud or your legal name; we've explained that fan pseudonyms aren't "sockpuppets," but have a history and accountability within fandom), please join lg_interview. (Basic LiveJournal accounts are still free if you haven't got one, or if you'd be willing to talk but don't want to join the community, you can leave a signed or unsigned comment on Lev Grossman's LiveJournal or blog.)

Mirrored from an original post on the OTW Blog.

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