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June 2008 Newsletter, vol. 11

Welcome to the first June issue of the OTW Newsletter! We're constantly on the lookout for ways to keep fandom up-to-date and informed about what's going on behind the scenes here at OTW, so twice a month, Community Relations compiles updates about what the various committees are working on and we share them here.

All issues of the newsletter will be tagged accordingly, so you can follow our progress chronologically.

Academic Journal Update from mafaldastasi

The academic journal staff members are handling routine submissions in preparation for the first issue this fall.

Accessibility, Design, and Technology Update from Naomi Novik

The Accessibility, Design and Technology committee is in the throes of a functional review of versions 0.1 to 0.3 (which means we check everything on the Roadmap up to v0.3 has been built/works and gaze admiringly at our dashing and dedicated coder and tester teams), as well as forging ahead on new and exciting features in our internal milestions 0.4 and 0.5. We have been merrily creating user accounts, posting, editing and deleting fake stories and watching the Archive Core come to life.

Board Update from kellyannbessa

The universe, WisCon, end of term, and the United States airline industry conspired to keep us down, but that did not stop us from making many decisions regarding the next version of the OTW website.

Community Relations Update from shrift

Over the past two weeks, ComRel has been hosting a celebration of OTW's first birthday by throwing a multi-fandom convention at otw_onlinecon. Check out some of the events over there, such as icon requests, Drunken Bar Conversations, drabble challenges, and out-there story possibilities (You can also participate on InsaneJournal and JournalFen!)

We've also been working with PR and DevMem on some con outreach—those of you attending con.txt in a week and a half will have an opportunity to attend a panel moderated by shrift and the_shoshanna!--and we've been making plans for further outreach in preparation for the archive launch.

Content Policy Update from ainsley

Many thanks to everyone who participated in our focus groups over the past month! This week we are organizing all of the comments, so that next week we can dive back into the drafts and revise revise revise. The public release of the draft is coming sooner rather than later, so be prepared!

Development and Membership Update from ignazwisdom

We've been busy drafting guidelines for third-party fundraisers, planning new and easy ways for you to support the OTW, and exploring options for making OTW swag available ... so that thefourthvine and partner can have an OTW onesie for their brand new baby fanboy! Congratulations, TFV! Insert your own joke about "developing" new members here. :)


No update at this time.


No update at this time.

Legal Update from killalla

The Legal Committee is currently focused on supporting other committees with advice as needed, working most recently with the Development and Membership Committee. In addition, we continue our efforts to establish contacts with other groups internationally.

Open Doors Update from Francesca Coppa

Open Doors is happy to announce will be hosting Zoetrope's multimedia SGA piece, "Missed The Saturday Dance." The Open Doors project page V.1 should be live any day now.

Public Relations Update from jacquez

PR had a cross-committee meeting with ComRel this past Sunday, to discuss cons, flyers, and the differences between fannish cons & non-fannish cons, and how they'd be handled.

Systems Update from jadelennox

Systems is working on the wiki, on scaling up our machines, and on generally providing backend services to the other committees.

Translations Update from morganlefae

No update at this time.

Volunteers and Recruiting Update from kellyannbessa

The Volunteers committee is currently in a much-appreciated lull between big projects, and we are using it to clean up a million little details, and work on some of our ongoing tasks.

Webmasters Update from Francesca Coppa

The website committee is working hard on the next version of the OTW website, scoping out our needs as an organization and learning how best to deliver our shiny new features

Wiki Update from angstslashhope

The Wikimmittee have shifted the deadline for the soft launch of the wiki back a wee bit - we're now set to go live around the middle of August. We're happily playing around in our sandbox wiki, putting the finishing touches to our policies. Soon we'll be inviting volunteers to come and join us by beta-reading and roadtesting all the tasty guidelines we've been working on, not to mention help us to start populating the wiki in preparation for soft launch. So keep your eyes peeled at otw_news!.

What details would you like to know? Please give ComRel a helping hand and let us know! Email us at comrel @ transformativeworks.org.

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