burdened with glorious purpose (femmequixotic) wrote in otw_news,
burdened with glorious purpose

Looking for Wiki beta volunteers

The Wiki Committee is posting to otw_news for a couple of exciting reasons:

Firstly, we've got around to properly naming this project! The OTW wiki will be known as Fanlore. Our future url will be fanlore.org, and we fully expect to be casually referred to as “the Fanlore wiki” or “Fanlore”. We're extremely happy with our name; it embodies some of the foundations of the policies we've been working on for the wiki over the past 6 months.

Speaking of policy: our second piece of news. We'd like to invite volunteers to help us beta test the Fanlore wiki policies by working with them first hand; helping us not only with the initial population of Fanlore prior to soft launch, but also to hone the admin side of things and shape the wiki's interface.

The job listing itself can be found on otw_news here. Follow the link to get more information about what this position involves and what we'd need from you, should you be interested. We're looking forward to working with you!

- The Wikimittee
Tags: announcement, fanlore

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