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Volunteer Search: Swag Graphic Designer

Job: Swag Graphic Designer

Works With: Development & Membership

Description: In preparation for our October donations drive, the Development & Membership committee is in search of graphics for use on OTW merchandise, such as mugs, tote bags, flash drives, etc. This is your chance to have your art immortalized forever on an umbrella!

How to Volunteer: Send an email to volunteers@transformativeworks.org or post a comment here. All comments on this post are screened in order to protect the privacy of volunteers providing personal information.

Please include the following information:
Your name (you may provide your real name or your fannish name--please consider what you feel comfortable using both inside and outside the organization):

Your email address:

Please put "Swag Designer" in the subject line of your email or LJ comment. Please do not include attachments or embedded links.

Send us your information by: The deadline for design submission is September 10th, 2008. Please contact Volunteers for more information on file type, designs desired, etc.

Anyone can contact the Volunteers & Recruiting committee at any time by commenting on this post (all comments are screened) or sending an email to volunteers@transformativeworks.org

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