Beth H (bethbethbeth) wrote in otw_news,
Beth H

Subject: posting guidelines and quick update

(posted on behalf of astolat who's having 'net troubles)

First, sorry sorry -- but I need to clarify a little here, as here have been a bunch of discussion posts made in the last couple of days. I feel bad squashing these, because I know people are frazzled about the recent lj snafu and that is where a lot of these are coming from, but -- this community really has a pretty narrow focus. We really don't want free-for-all discussion here; we want practical posts that are going to advance this particular project. There are absolutely going to be many discussions held here, on all the issues raised, but these will be held at the point where we are ready to move ahead with an actual decision on each particular issue.

The problem of allowing random discussions before then is that the overall effect is to spread out suggestions and comments, and tire people out on particular issues, meaning that when it's time to actually make a decision, we will have to hunt through a bunch of separate posts to try and gather what's already been said, or hope that people aren't tired of repeating themselves. It also consumes moderator time and drowns out the practical posts -- and the sad truth that we all know is that it is very easy to spend a lot of time talking about stuff in LJ rather than doing work.

So, for the moment, please let me ask you all not to make a new top-level post here without running it by the moderators, unless it's a post you've been asked to do (eg, one of the volunteer slots, etc). gchick is finishing up her summary of the original discussion, and it'll be here in a couple of days. Once that is up, if you have a new issue to add that hasn't already been brought up, commenting on that post will be the way to go, and everyone who wants to be sure of seeing everything can just thumbtack that one post for email notifications.

Now, for the update: we have mostly hammered out the structure of the organization and are lining up legal help. On Monday, I will be posting a couple of long and complicated posts (sorry!) outlining the structure and recruiting specifically for the first board and committee chairs. I would ask all of you to please try and invite as many people as you can to join this community from your own circles, especially if you don't see a lot of representative people on our membership list yet, and also to forward those posts to any appropriate fannish mailing lists that you might be on, or to other fannish people who might not be on LJ. We've gotten a lot of generous offers of help in comments both to the original post and many of the posts here. I haven't had time to reply to all of these, but if that includes you, THANK YOU, and rest assured we will soon be showing up on your doorstep hat in hand. :D

The post collecting volunteers will be up shortly, as will the summary post. If you did not post on the original thread and would like to volunteer, you can drop emyrys a note to be added.


Additional note on behalf of the moderators: In the short term, if you'd like to generate discussion about some of these other loosely-related areas of fannish interest (e.g., the possibility of incorporating blogs/journals in the archive, which quite a number of people have seemed interested in talking about), email us (fandomarchive at gmail dot com) and we'll endeavor to make news about those discussions available to the community at large in a weekly links post.

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