Cesperanza (cesperanza) wrote in otw_news,

SUBJECT: Update for Those "Willing To Serve"

A confirmation email has been sent to everyone who sent in a "Willing To Serve" application after this post: if you haven't gotten an email, please first check your spam filter and then email us at fanarchive at gmail.com to make sure it didn't get lost somewhere.

If you are willing to serve on a committee and haven't yet sent in a "Willing to Serve" resume, you can still email us at fanarchive at gmail.com with your statement, or you can wait until the committee chairs are posted and then get in touch with them directly. (Please read the information in the Willing To Serve post; you'll find the application questions there as well.)

These early stages have been taken up with a lot of the minutiae of nonprofit incorporation, but we are now in the process of setting up committees and choosing a slate of committee chairs. All other volunteers will be organized around and through the committee structure, so if you haven't volunteered yet, there'll be many opportunities to pitch in and get involved.

Thank you for your patience. Please stay tuned!

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