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First call for volunteers

One important clarifying note: we're setting up the otw_news community for discussion of the archive project. Please note that this is NOT the actual archive! (We're nowhere near ready to get started on that yet.) This is just intended to host at least the initial discussions about setting it up.

One general request for all of these jobs -- please know yourself, and please don't claim a job if you aren't going to do it (and if you aren't sure you can get it done by the deadline)! There will be many other opportunities to dive in. On the other hand, it's totally fine to claim multiple jobs if you can get them done without pain.

Again -- this is just the lj discussion community we need help with right now; do not worry that you're being asked to sign up for designing or moderating the actual archive or anything. *g*

ETA: All jobs filled! Thank you! You all rock! More coming soon. :D

  1. DESIGN. Short term: Deadline: Wednesday May 23: setting up the otw_news lj community. - _workinprogress

    Set up a clean/simple/readable design, and give mod privileges to the people who sign up to moderate. You'll need to use the account fanarchiveowner, as that account is the community owner -- please post your email address when volunteering and I will send you the password for it.

  2. COMMUNITY RELATIONS. Long term, medium intensity: moderation of otw_news lj community. - amireal, bethbethbeth, xenacryst

    Need 2-3 community moderators who read lj frequently and have time to monitor the comm and help keep discussion about the archive project productive and non-wanky. Patience and sympathy for newbies a must, as we would hope non-lj-using fans will come and participate in these discussions, and also there are lots of reasonable differing and passionately-felt viewpoints in this space, so there is likely to be a lot of debate.

    Writing a profile for the userinfo and a backdated first post for the community. Also, comfort and patience with tagging posts and reminding users to tag.

  3. NOTES. Short term: Deadline: Thursday May 24: come up with list of tags for otw_news. - norah

    Come up with a concise list of standard tags to be used for tagging posts in otw_news, post the list here, collect up any other good suggestions from others (don't be afraid not to include some), and pass the final list on to the moderators after a day or so to be added to the comm.

  4. NOTES. Short term: Deadline: Tuesday, May 29: summarizing the archive discussion - gchick

    A single LJ post collecting up and summarizing all the points raised in the archive discussion, so someone can read without having to wade through all the threads. Should be posted to otw_news.

  5. NOTES. Short term: Deadline: Tuesday, May 29: collecting volunteers - emyrys

    A list of people who have volunteered in the archive discussion, organized by what they have volunteered to do, with their lj names and e-mail addresses (obtained from their lj profiles if they are not paid accounts). Should be posted to otw_news as an flocked post, so it can't be harvested by spambots.

    Also, sending an email to all the volunteers to let them know about otw_news, and inviting them to join it.

Please comment on this post to claim a job!

ETA: If you can't take on one of these specific jobs, but want to volunteer more generally, just drop a comment to the main giant thread over here with what you can do.

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